The 2008 Joint Meeting of the Society for Range Management and the America Forage and Grassland Council.

Monday, January 28, 2008: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Ballroom C - E2 (Galt House Hotel & Suites)
Range & Pasture Management Posters
Economic Benefits and Environmental Precautions when Fertilizing With Broiler Litter
Dana C. Shuff
Evaluation of the Differences on Diet's Profiles of Differents Breeds of Sheep and Goats Grazing Under Native and Thinned Caatinga Conditions
Antonia Edna Nascimento
Disappearance of Residual Dry Matter on Coastal and Sierran Annual Rangeland of California
William Frost, Neil McDougald, Royce Larsen, Ken Churches, James Bartolome
Big Sagebrush Seed Bank Densities Following Wildfires
Charlie D. Clements, Dan N. Harmon, James A. Young
Persistence of Cool- and Warm-Season Forages in Competition with Bahiagrass in East Texas
David Brauer
Application of Alternative Management Strategies for Prickly Pear (Opuntia spp.) Control in Texas
Douglas J. Goodwin, Kent Ferguson, Lem Creswell
Species Composition of Northern Mixed Grass Prairie After 23 Years of Non-Use
Edward S. DeKeyser, Kelly Krabbenhoft
Effects of Grazing and Fire on SEED Dynamics and Species COMPOSITION of Cheatgrass Dominated Rangeland
Christopher A. Call, Joel M. Diamond, Nora Devoe
Survival and Vigor of 11 Alfalfa Populations in Semiarid Rangeland
Lan Xu, Arvid Boe, Roger N. Gates, Patricia S. Johnson
Impact of Fertilization on Smooth Brome Production and Crude Protein Concentration
Leanne Stevenson, Walter H. Fick, Gary Kilgore
Development of a Grazing Management Plan Balancing Biodiversity and Livestock Production for The Nature Conservancy's Zumwalt Prairie Preserve
Angela Freeman, Robert V. Taylor, Jack Alexander III, Phil Shephard
Quantifying Parkland Forage Yield Responses to Simultaneous Legume and Weed Removal
Erin M. McLeod, Edward W. Bork, Jane R. King, Linda M. Hall
Recovery and Structural Characteristics of Mechanically Treated Wyoming Big Sagebrush
Kirk W. Davies
Rough Fescue Restoration in Central Alberta Rangelands
Peggy A. Desserud, Dr. M. Anne Naeth
Growth, Flowering, and Productivity of Crimson Clover Varieties in Spring and Autumn Planting
Joung Kyong Lee, Hee Chung Ji, Ki Yong Kim, Gi Jun Choi, Won Ho Kim, Keun Bal Lim, Hyung Soo Park, Sung Seo
Controlling Medusahead – Identifying the Period of Susceptibility
Theresa Becchetti, Craig Schriefer, Jimin Zhang, Corey Cherr, John Harper, Morgan Doran, Stephanie Larson, Sheila Barry, Josh Davy, Royce Larsen, Lary Forero, Emilio Laca
Reduced Feed cost and Improve feed quality by stockpiling tall fescue
Roger L. Staff, Dean R. Oswald
Control of Medusahead with Imazapic and Prescribed Burning in the Northern Great Basin
Kirk W. Davies, Roger L. Sheley
Reductions in Livestock Gain with Rotational Grazing and Heavy Stocking Rates in Northern Mixed-Grass Prairie
Justin D. Derner, Richard H. Hart
Three Years of Vegetation Succession on the Ruby Gulch Waste Rock Repository, Northern Black Hills, South Dakota
Andrew C. Korth, Gary E. Larson
Germplasm Evaluation of Rhizoma Peanut for Growth and Forage Potential
M. Anowarul Islam, Twain J. Butler, Andrea L. Maas
Impacts of Removal and Seeding Treatments on Vegetative Structure in Greasewood (SARCOBATUS VERMICULATUS) and Smooth Brome (BROMUS INERMIS) Dominated Bottomlands
Matt Church, Mary I. Williams, Ann L. Hild, Ginger B. Paige
Remediation of Former Sugarcane Lands for Sustainable Forage Production
Mark S. Thorne, Jonathan L. Deenik, Harold H. Keyser, Linda J. Cox Jr., Matthew H. Stevenson
Medusahead Dispersal and Establishment in Sagebrush Plant Communities
Kirk W. Davies
Getting Off of the 'Louisiana HayRide'
James D. Vinson, Paul Wells Sr.
An Integrated Approach to Grassland Restoration in a Chihuahuan Desert Mesquite-Dominated Community
Laurie B. Abbott, Kendal E. Young, Robert P. McNeely, Lenora B. Hawkins
Huisache Control Using Broadleaf Herbicides
Edward K. Twidwell, Ronald E. Strahan, John G. Wicke
Diversification of Crested Wheatgrass Stands in Utah
April Hulet, Bruce A. Roundy, Brad Jessop, Jennifer K. Coleman
Effect of Pre and Post Grazing Herbage Mass on Seasonal Pasture Growth and Nutritive Value
Cristian Ortiz Sr., Oscar Balocchi Sr., Ignacio Lopez Sr.
Phytotoxic Effects of Western Juniper (Juniperus occidentalis Hook): Implications for a Natural Weed Control Agent on Western Rangelands
Patricia L. Dysart, William C. Krueger, Carol A. Mallory-Smith, Jan F. Stevens
Restoration Status of 50 Oil and Gas Disturbances at Rumsey Block in Central Alberta
Mae E. Elsinger, M. Anne Naeth
Herbage Production and Animal Performance Response to Grazing System in the Nebraska Sandhills
Walter H. Schacht, Jerry D. Volesky, Paul R. Schroeder
Effect of Different Herbicides on Switchgrass Establishment
M. Anowarul Islam, Twain J. Butler, Chengjun Huo
Effect of PlateauŽ Treatment on Vegetation and Fire Modeling for Cheatgrass-Dominated Rangelands
Juliane Kluck, Jack Alexander III, Nicole K. Hansen, Angelia Binder, Carl Rudeen, Mark Breidenbaugh
Utilization of Two Aphthona Flea Beetle Species and Oberea Erythrocephala within A Twice Over, Multi-Species Rotational Grazing System for the Control of Leafy Spurge (Euphorbia esula)
Anthony T. Perlinski, William T. Barker, Dennis L. Whitted
Mycorrhizal Associations of Fremontodendron Californicum from California and Arizona
Theresa L. Price, Jean Stutz
Biomass yield differences for introduced versus native grasses in mono- or poly- cultures in Southwestern Saskatchewan
Michael P. Schellenberg
Fireweed (Senecio madagascariensis Poiret) Control: An Adaptive Management Approach
Mark S. Thorne, Dale R. Gardner, John S. Powley, Glen K. Fukumoto, Matthew H. Stevenson
Grazing Strategies to Control Medusahead on California Rangelands
Stephanie Larson, John Harper, Theresa Becchetti, Morgan Doran, Sheila Barry, Josh Davy, Corey Cherr, Craig Schriefer, Jimin Zhang, Emilio Laca
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