The 2008 Joint Meeting of the Society for Range Management and the America Forage and Grassland Council.

Monday, January 28, 2008: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
Segell - E3 (Galt House Hotel & Suites)
Reclamation & Restoration
Moderator:Robert D. Cox
1:30 PMWelcoming Remarks
1:40 PMIdentifying Mechanisms Regulating Competition between Re-established Foothills Rough Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass
Steven C. Tannas, Edward W. Bork, Walter D. Willms
2:00 PMUse of Winterfat in Restoration of High Desert Ecosystems: Factors affecting Seed Viability
Ryan Leary, Tamzen Stringham
2:20 PMThe Response of Native Shrubs to a Soil and Spoil Double Wedge on a Reclaimed Mine in New Mexico
Joshua Voss, Bruce A. Buchanan
2:40 PMLivestock Impact for Revegetation of A Floodplain Range Site in Central Arizona
Gary A. Vinson, John H. Brock
3:00 PMBreak
3:20 PMRenovation of Range Sites in the South Park Colorado Area Impacted by Increases in Fringed Sage
Joe E. Brummer, Mark Lamb
3:40 PMLand Application of Bio-Solids to Restore Disturbed Western Rangelands
Linden Kay Greenhalgh, Michael J. McFarland, MaiAnh Vutran, Issaak R. Vasquez, Mark Schmitz, Robert B. Brobst
4:00 PMReestablishing Diverse Native Wyoming Big Sagebrush Communities: a Comparison of Seeding Equipment
Robert D. Cox, Nancy L. Shaw, Mike Pellant
4:20 PMCombating Erosion on Military Lands: Restoration of Drastically Disturbed Rangelands
William E. Fox III, Dennis W. Hoffman, M. Scott Keating, Joaquin Sanabria
4:40 PMAdvancement of Select Native Perennial Grasses for Portions of the Colorado Plateau
Stephen B. Monsen, Allan R. Stevens, Ronald L. Rodriguez
Sponsor:Range/Pasture Management

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